Vote for My Modern Molasses Cookies!

Remember my Modern Molasses Cookies? I entered them into a contest to become the Official Cookie of Belle Grove Plantation, a bed and breakfast opening on the Virginia plantation that was the birthplace of James Madison — and I’m a finalist! But I need your help because the cookie with the most votes wins!

Voting is a two-step process:

First, visit the Belle Grove Plantation at Port Conway on Facebook and “like” the fan page:

Belle Grove Screenshot

Next, go to the Top Ten Cookies Album,

Top 10 Cookies Album

find my cookies, and “like” the photo.

like the cookies

Voting is open until Sunday, April 21, 2013, at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

The theme of the contest is a cookie James Madison would love. To see all the finalists and get the recipes, go to …but only after you’ve voted and told a few family members and friends to do the same. ;)


5 responses

  1. Of course I remember your Modern Molasses Cookies. Who could forget how delicious they are? One bite leaves an indelible memory on your taste buds! This is definitely a first prize worthy award!

    • One of the things I like best about these cookies is the look of surprise when people take a bite and realize that it’s not a ginger snap! I find people (myself included!) inevitably reach for a second (or third!) to better understand and experience the chewy, deliciousness of a molasses cookie. :)

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